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1.Re: Moving guests from one table to another easily (sponsors to different group)
Posted by Khristeyc on 9/10/2019 4:02:13 PM
Hello and thank you for using our forums.
You are correct. You need to delete the Sponsor from the current Group they are listed under and simply click to add Sponsor name to the new/existing Group you would like to move them to.
If you need additional help please feel free to reach out to your designated Account Manager.
Thank you for serving on the front lines!
2.Re: Mobile Intake on Site
Posted by Khristeyc on 7/16/2019 3:09:16 PM
Hello and thank you for the feedback and using the forums.

For security purposes, a new access code is assigned to each new forms request. This ensures the old access code will never be used again.

The client is given 3 attempts to verify their information with the access code. If verification fails after the 3rd attempt, the form request is locked and future attempts to verify will fail - even if the correct information is entered after the 3rd attempt. ...
3.Re: Pictures in Email Receipts
Posted by Khristeyc on 5/30/2019 5:07:33 PM
Inside of Centerpiece you can insert a image at the top of the receipt such as a Center logo or a different image you want to upload and use to be included in the receipt where the logo would go. You can also include a link into the receipt that would take the individual to a specific webpage for the Center. For example, you could type in a letter to be inserted into the receipt page that included something such as "Read more of the client stories and see pictures of our ...
4.Re: Filter Search Results by EGA
Posted by Khristeyc on 12/3/2018 9:46:18 AM
Hello and thank you for posting your question!
You can run a Case Status Report using the Due Date and narrow down the list of clients who are due within a certain time frame to help you identify those you want to invite to attend a class. For example, Due Date starting 6/1/2019 to 8/1/2019.
5.Re: Adding Resources
Posted by Khristeyc on 11/30/2018 3:01:47 PM
Just an additional thought and suggestion. If multiple individuals schedule appointments at the Center, you could ask each person to type their name or initials inside the Comment box of the Appointment Form. This would help to identify who spoke with the client and created the appointment or made any additional changes such as time and date.
6.Re: Sending out statements to businesses
Posted by Khristeyc on 4/5/2018 9:54:43 AM
Hello and thank you for using the forums!
To answer your question regarding the name printed on donation statements: Donor files marked as a Business will print the name typed in the Organization field of the donor file on donation statements. If you would like the statement to include the Business name AND individual contact name, you will need to type both names into the Proper Name Field For example: "ABC Lumber-Bob Jones".

Please call your eKyros ...
7.Re: Monthly online gifts linked to wrong donor file
Posted by Khristeyc on 2/7/2018 4:42:21 PM
Hello and thank you for your question on our forums!

You can delete the posted transaction directly from the On-Line Giving Connector. This removes the posted transaction from the donor file and places it back under the New Tab. Now you are able to edit, link to correct donor file and post the donation.
Open the On Line Giving Connector
Click on the Posted Tab
Find the transaction you want to correct and click the Red X next to it. This removes the ...
8.Re: Appointment statistics and a 4th field
Posted by khristeyc on 5/1/2017 9:42:50 AM
Hi Amanda,

We would love to discuss further with you on what you would find most beneficial in tracking appointments by time range. For example: We could possibly track appointments by the HOUR they are scheduled OR another option would be to break down appointment times by: AM, Afternoon and PM hours.

In order for us to accurately submit your suggestion on this topic to our development department, would you please contact your eKyos Account Manager or myself ...
9.Re: Appointment statistics and a 4th field
Posted by khristeyc on 5/22/2017 8:52:57 AM
Hi and thank you for posting on our forums!

Great feedback! Including the time of appointment in the Appointment Stats is something we have discussed as a possible future update and agree it would be beneficial in helping the Center to track for benefits of scheduling staff and tracking appointment show vs. no show rate. Thank you again for taking time to share this with us and we appreciate the feedback!
10.Re: Quickbooks Online
Posted by khristeyc on 4/26/2017 8:27:16 AM
Hi Toni,

Thanks for your question! The QuickBooks Connector works to provide one-way download of donor contributions from CenterPiece into the QuickBooks program, is compatible with the DESKTOP version of QuickBooks only.
11.Re: Sponsor report summaries
Posted by khristeyc on 3/21/2017 12:23:34 PM
Hi jvanture,

Thank you for your post! You can use the Event Sponsors Report. It is found under Reports in Donor Management. This report will show you: Sponsor name, group name, group captain, the # of donations received, the total amount of donations, # of pledges received and the amount pledged.

If you have any additional questions or need support please feel free to contact your account manager for help!
12.Re: Churches
Posted by khristeyc on 11/2/2016 4:29:05 PM

Thank you for your question. Because each module, Donor, Client, Staff, is separate from the other, the files you create and save in each one is specific to that module. A file you create in one does not automatically save or show up in another. If you wish for a church file to be entered in the Donor Management, you will need to create a new file for the church inside the Donor module. The church files you have created and saved in Staff Management are specific to that ...
13.Re: Text Reminders
Posted by khristeyc on 8/4/2016 11:13:39 AM
Hi leahm,
Sorry you are having issues with confirmation on text reminders. This was tested in our demo site this morning and we did not have any trouble with receiving confirmation codes from client appointments. Please contact your designated account manager at so that they may further assist you with this issue.
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