Annual Subscription Pricing

CenterPiece pricing is designed to be affordable for small, medium and large centers. The base price is determined by the number of names that are stored in the CenterPieceTM database. Each client, donor and/or staff name and address is considered a record in the database. Each can have unlimited entries such as forms and notes associated to it at no additional cost.


$40 / month

($480 / yr)

  • 1 to 2,500 database names
  • eKYROS PlusLink


$60 / month

($720 / yr)

  • 2,501 to 10,000 database names
  • eKYROS PlusLink


$80 / month

($960 / yr)

  • 10,001 to 20,000 database names
  • eKYROS PlusLink

Get CenterPiece!

  • No setup fee
  • Support is free
  • Training is free
  • Includes 5 user accounts
  • Includes 25MB document storage (~250 100K files)

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Additional Pricing Options

  • Add $240/yr ($20/mo) for each additional 10,000 database names beyond 20,000.
  • Add $114/yr ($9.5/mo) for each additional 25GB of document storage (~250,000 100K files).
  • Add $50/yr (~$4.16/mo) for each additional 5 user account pack.

Data Import Services provides basic and custom data import services to PRC's who need assistance loading data from their legacy systems into CenterPiece. The basic import loads common information about your existing client and donor files including name, address, phone numbers and other demographics. The custom import includes the basic import + additional client and donor history (please contact for more details).

  • The basic data conversion fee is $250 (each database)
  • The custom data conversion fee is $500 (each database)